Advanced Coastal Engineering


Course Type of Course Lecturer Period
Harbour Planning and Maritime Waterways Engineering Block Course Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Augustin . & Dr. rer. nat. Ingrid Holzwarth Winter term
Field trip Benedikt Bratz, M.Sc. March
Coastal Engineering and Coastal Protection  Lecture & Field trip Prof. Frank Thorenz & Knut Sommermeier August-September
Numerical Modeling of Coastal Processes   Lecture Dr.-Ing. Oliver Lojek & Dr.-Ing. Constantin Schweiger Winter term
Practical Course in Coastal Engineering Lab work Benedikt Bratz, M.Sc. Summer & Winter term
Spectral Analysis of nonlinear Waves in the Coastal Area  Lecture Dr.-Ing. Markus Brühl Winter term
Tsunami Engineering Lecture Prof. Dr-Ing. habil. Nils Goseberg Winter term
Ecohydraulic processes from field to laboratory Block Course Inga Prüter, M.Sc.& Lukas Ahrenbeck, M.Sc. Winter term