Beyond Rigidity - Collapsing Structures in Experimental Hydraulics

Direction Dr.-Ing. habil. Nils Goseberg
Team Clemens Krautwald, M.Sc.
Funding Volkswagen-Stiftung
Duration 05/2018 - 10/2019
Project Partners Prof. Ian Nistor & Jacob Stolle - University of Ottawa
  Prof. Dr.-Ing- Mike Sieder & Peter Niebuhr - TU Braunschweig

Brief description

The project "Beyond Rigidity - Collapsing Structures in Experimental Hydraulics" challenges the paradigm of rigid structures in experimental hydraulics. Simplified residential buildings (SRB) are tested under extreme flow conditions to investigate collapsing structures.

Most structures in experimental hydraulics are estimated to be rigid and non-deformative. Therefore, dynamic interactions between deforming structures and extreme water flow fields cannot be examined. By properly downscaling SRB and constructing them with the aid of additive manufacturing (commonly known as 3D-printing), various parameter can be set to match the physical representation of buildings prone to extreme flow conditions such as tsunamis.

When a structure collapses, the debris fate of different structural members is of high concern as subsequent impacts on other structures are possible and may induce further structural failures. The debris fate is investigated by using latest measuring techniques including video analysis and inertia sensors.

The aim of this research project is to improve the scientific understanding of interactions between extreme flow conditions and collapsing structures. This research project could lead to a better planning of buildings prone to extreme flow conditions.