Research facilities

LWI Versuchshalle

Our laboratory is 140 m long and 40 m wide and has a working area of 5600 m². 30% of the area is occupied by permanent installations for fundamental research (e.g., hydraulic flumes, wave channels, harbour basin, etc.). The remaining 70% of the area are used for physical scale models related to practical hydraulic engineering problems (weirs, sluices, spillways, dams, rivers, harbours, navigation channels, etc.). The laboratory is equipped with a closed water circuit for which an underground water tank serves as reservoir. From this tank the water is pumped to a high level tank (10 m head) and distributed to the flumes and scale models via a pipe system.


The laboratory is mainly used by the divisions of Hydraulic Engineering and River Morphology and Hydromechanics, Coastal & Ocean Engineering. In addition, the department of Wastemanagement operates various experimental stands in the lab.


Technical Equipment

If you are interested in using our facilities or if you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dr.-Ing. David Schürenkamp.