+++ Registration procedure for Preparatory German Courses +++

To register for a Preparatory German Course, please follow the next steps.

If you need further assistance, please read our help PDF or contact us at +495313917283 or

Here you can download our help PDF:


1. Create a user account

Create a user account in the system of the Language Center (Aura).
If you already have an account (e.g. from previous courses), please reactivate it.

To the registration in Aura

2. Fill out the registration form

Fill out the registation form for Preparatory German Courses completely, print it out and sign it (signature as in passport). Submit the registration form with your passport copy. The signature must be visible in the passport.

If you want to enroll in a course higher than A1 level, please send us a graded language certificate of the previous level.

If someone is to make registrations and changes for you, please fill out the power of attorney and also send us a passport copy of the authorized person(s).

Required documents:


  • graded certificate of the last German course you attended
  • signed power of attorney and passport copy of the authorized representative(s)
    Power of Attorney (PDF, 213KB)

3. Optional: Submit the request form for application confirmation

Only necessary if you want to apply for a study applicant visa.

Do you want to apply for a study applicant visa? Then a check of your documents may be useful. If the document check is successful, you will receive an application confirmation (Bewerbungsbestätigung). The confirmation of application states that you are qualified to take up studies at the TU Braunschweig or in Germany following the German course.

The application confirmation is not a conditional admission!

For the issuance of the application confirmation there are additional costs of 75.00 Euro, which have to be transferred together with the course fee.

Please fill out the application for an application confirmation and sign the application. Submit this with your resume and appropriate school transcripts.

If you have already completed a course of study or university entrance examination, please also send us the supporting documents and certificates with a summary of grades.

Required documents:


  • Proof of having passed a university entrance examination
  • University transcript of records, which includes all subjects taken with grade

Please understand that it takes some time to check your documents. If you already have an embassy appointment, please contact us directly and let us know so that we can try to issue the documents in time.


4. Check your documents for completeness and combine them

All documents must be in the original language and in a German or English translation.

Check the completeness of your documents using our checklist.

Please combine all documents from step 3 and optionally step 4 into a single PDF file and have the PDF ready for the next step.

5. Upload your PDF document

Open the following link and upload your PDF document:

Upload your documents here

Then click on „Dateien auswählen oder hierher ziehen“ (Choose file or drag file here).

After successful upload, you can see the name of the uploaded file under the upload field.

Here are some more tips for uploading your PDF file:

a) Please upload only complete applications to the cloud
b) Please include all documents in one PDF file with name
c) Please make sure that the file is not larger than 2 MB
d) Please upload each application to the cloud only once

You can also find more information about uploading in our help PDF

What happens next?

Receive confirmation of receipt with request for payment

  • After receiving your documents and booking the desired courses, we will send you a confirmation of receipt with your participant number (XF number) via email, which also contains our account details for the payment of the course fees. Please note that we will process your application as soon as we receive it, so it may take a while until your documents are processed. Thank you for your understanding! If you have not received an e-mail, please check your SPAM folder or contact us.

Transfer fees and thus book course bindingly

  • As soon as you receive the confirmation of receipt  via e-mail from us, you have 14 days to transfer the total course fee to our account. After complete receipt of the total fees your place in the booked course is reserved. If you have chosen an application confirmation, your documents will be forwarded to the Incoming Office for review after full payment has been received and will be processed there. This process may take a few weeks.

Receive confirmation for your visa application

  • After positive feedback from the Incoming Office we will send you the following documents by e-mail:

  • Registration confirmation for the language course
  • Bewerbungsbestätigung (Confirmation of formal aptitude to study in Germany)
  • With these documents and additional ones you can apply for your study applicant visa at the German Embassy in your home country.

    Please allow at least four months for the entire process from registering for the language course to receiving your visa.


Preparatory German Courses: Registration and Support

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