This is how you prepare for the start of your studies at TU Braunschweig
  1. Calculate your budget for your studies in Braunschweig. To apply for your visa, you need a proof of financial resources.
  2. Register for a German language examination if your German language skills are not yet sufficient for studying.
  3. Apply for your visa.
  4. Find out about the necessary insurance policies you need to take out in Germany.
  5. Look for an apartment in Braunschweig or apply for a place in a hall of residence.

Buddy Programme

To get you off to a good start in Braunschweig, we can find a Buddy for you. Buddies are senior students who have been studying at TU Braunschweig for some time and know the university and the city well.

  • Your Buddy picks you up from the main train station and takes you to your accommodation,
  • assists you with formalities such as enrolment, opening a bank account or visiting the Foreigners' Registration Office,
  • shows you around the university and the city.


Do you have any questions?

Our admissions and advisory team will be happy to help you.