Important Dates

Preparatory meetings


GE31: xxx in R021B (Mendelssohnstraße 4)

GE32: xxx in R021B (Mendelssohnstraße 4)

BB34: xxx in R021B (Mendelssohnstraße 4)

GE33: xxx in R021B (Mendelssohnstraße 4)

MB09: xxx in R021B (Mendelssohnstraße 4)

Courses at TU Braunschweig

MB09: Introduction to Biochemistry and Bioinformatics of Plants

GE31: Applied Genome Research

GE32: Data Literacy in Plant Sciences


BB34: Python for Life Scientists

GE33: Applied Plant Transcriptomics

1399430 (DaLiP): Data Literacy in Genomics (for Bachelor students)

1399440 (DaLiP): Data Literacy in Genome Research (for Master students)


Students are encouraged to get in touch if they have suggestions for specific topics that should be covered in lectures/courses.

iGEM (synthetic biology)

Students interested in participating in iGEM, the biggest global competition for synthetic biology, should send an email. Although we are no longer participating in iGEM, there is a good alternative. Please find more information here: iGEM alternative.


'digi fellowship'

The Stifterverband awarded me a teaching fellowship for digital innovation in higher education. My project at Bielefeld University was about a digital lab book to document methods and results of a practical course in molecular biology. Evaluation of this documentation was based on peer feedback. Please get in touch if you are interested in my experiences.


Boas Pucker's courses (extern)