Email: Boas Pucker or Plant Biotechnology and Bioinformatics

Mastodon: @boas_pucker or @PuckerLab

Twitter: @boas_pucker or @PuckerLab


Mendelssohnstraße 4

38106 Braunschweig


Interested in joining our group?

Please contact Boas Pucker via email. There are always projects for master and bachelor theses available, but we also encourage pursuing your own project ideas. Projects offered to bachelor/master students have the potential to result in publications.

If you are interested in pursuing a PhD/postdoc in our group, please send your CV and a statement about your interest in our work. There are many opportunities to apply for fellowships through DFG, EMBO, Marie Sklodowska Curie, DAAD, and others. Please contact us several weeks ahead of the submission deadlines so that we can plan a suitable research project together. Please be specific with respect to your reason for selecting our group. Generic mass emails will not be answered.

Interested in a collaboration?

We are always looking for exciting projects involving genomics and bioinformatics. Please send an email to Boas Pucker.

Questions about specialized metabolism or plant genomics?

We are happy to answer questions about the flavonoid biosynthesis and other biosynthesis pathways that we investigate. You can also send us questions about sequencing technologies or plant genomics. Please direct questions to Boas Pucker.