Experimental pictures

Universal testing machine and tensile tests in computer tomograph

Fig. 1: three-point bending test on concrete
Fig. 2: tensile test on steel specimen with use of multiXtens expansion measuring device and wedge-grips
Fig. 3: pressure test on concrete cylinder
Fig. 4: specimen grip for 90°-peeltest experiment. Down here pneumatic grips for tensile tests.
Fig. 5: tensile test on a notched concrete specimen, in a computer tomograph.
Fig 6: detailed fracture surface from fig. 5.


Fig. 1: Surface of a 50cent coin
Fig. 2: close-up from fig. 1, right

3D printing

Fig. 1: test print of the TruPrint 1000 systems, from 316L

Fracture mechanics video

Video 1: brittle fracture of mortar.

Video 2: ductile fracture: steel St52.

Video 3: ductile fracture: AlMg1.

Video 4: symmetrically notched specimen: AlMg1.

Video 5: asymmetrically notched specimen: AlMg1

Video 6: sample of Sandia challenge: AlMg1

Video 7: sample of Sandia challenge: St52