Testing machine 50 kN

Testing machine 50 kN

Materials testing machine 50 kN

The IAM operates a 50 kN universal testing machine with extensive fittings for quasi-static tension, compression, bending and peel tests.

Special features of this testing machine include a pair of contact extensometers for high precision strain measurement directly on the sample and a laser/camera based optical, non-contact displacement measurement system allowing longitudinal and transversal strain measurement at multiple locations.

Another speciality is the peel test sample holder for determining the peel resistance (EN 1464) of thin structures, e.g. adhesive tapes, bonded to sufaces.


Maximum force 50 kN
Maximum speed 600 mm/min
Maximum sample size 440 * 1755 mm
Displacement transducer Traverse, contact extensiometer, optical
Load cell 50 kN, 1 kN (Class 0.5 ISO 7500-1 from 1% of measurement range)
Sample holders Wedge grips for tension 50 kN Pneumatic tension grips 1 kN Compression plattens 300 mm Three-point bending up to 400 mm Peel test 90° – 180°
Input / output 8-channel analog + 24 channel digital


manufacturer webside: Link

Overview of the testing machine with sample holder for three-point bending.