Optical Profilometer

Optical Profilometer

For measurement of surface profiles, e.g. for simulation of friction, an optical profilometer has been developed. It is based on a confocal one-point sensor, an XY-table with DC drive, and software written in Labview.

Data overview:

Traveling distance 50 x 50 mm
Traveling speed, max 7 mm/s
Sensor 1 Measurement range: 3 mm Linearity: 0.75 μm Light spot diameter (lateral resolution): 9 μm Sampling rate: 0.1 - 10 kHz
Sensor 2 Measurement range: 30 mm Linearity: 7.5 μm Light spot diameter (lateral resolution): 50 μm Sampling rate: 0.3 - 70 kHz
Measurement modes continuous (lines), grid

manufacturer webside: Link

Optical profilometer. System overview
measuring the surface of a concrete specimen