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A central topic in the field of Traffic and Mobility for a Civil Engineer is to understand how and why people move between two places, be it on foot, by bicycle, by tram or by car. Even as a student, you will be out of the house on average 1 to 4 times a day.

In your studies as a Civil Engineer (and as a Transportation Engineer or Environmental Engineer), you will deal with this mobility, urban and regional spatial planning, the technical design of the traffic route (road construction) as well as the basics of lane-guided traffic and local public transport. It shows how a classic process for planning a transport system works and how infrastructure, operation and supply planning intertwine. In addition to classic methods for improving transport, new mobility concepts such as ridepooling or mobility-on-demand are also discussed. Above all, the strengthening of the means of transport of the environmental alliance (walking, cycling and public transport), as well as the planning, design and constructive implementation of durable road pavements will be dealt with in depth and ideas for a successful traffic turnaround will be presented.

Interest aroused? On this page, the transport institutes of the TU Braunschweig give you a small insight - If you are interested, you can contact the institutes or Faculty III at any time!




Planning mobility of tomorrow

Planning and design of transport infrastructure

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