General guidelines for the publication and delivery of the dissertation

Guidelines for the publication of dissertations according to the doctoral regulations of the Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences (valid from 08.07.2016):

Approval for printing

In consultation with the reviewers, the final version of the dissertation is to be submitted for approval to the chairperson of the examination committee or the reporter named for this purpose in the examination protocol before it goes to print. The review refers to changes in content as well as to the final title of the dissertation.
The approval is to be confirmed in writing (see form enclosure 4).

Publication options / number of deposit copies

Free delivery to the university library or electronic publication according to one of the following items:

  1. In the case of own duplication: 40 copies bound with title page, see sample in Appendix 2.
  2. In the case of publication via a publishing house with proof of a minimum print run of 150 copies, proof by naming the ISBN number: 4 copies, bound, with the indication on the reverse of the title page that it is a dissertation at the Technische Universität Braunschweig, see sample enclosure 3
  3. In the case of publication of the thesis in substantial parts in a scientific journal or in the case of a cumulative dissertation: 6 copies, bound, with title page, see sample enclosure 2.
  4. In the case of electronic publication in accordance with the currently valid information sheet of the University Library: 2 copies, bound, with title page, see sample in Appendix 2.

Proof of publication vis-à-vis the faculty is provided by submitting the University Library's confirmation of receipt of the proper publication.

Furthermore, additional copies of the printed dissertation (for the members of the examination committee as well as for professors of the faculty who have previously expressed their interest in writing) must be submitted to the Dean's Office (exception: in the case of electronic publication); the doctoral candidate will be informed of the number of copies in writing by the Dean's Office after the disputation.