Ubiläum - 275 Years University Library

Ubiläum - 275 Years University Library

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"We look with pride at the history of the university library as a knowledge space rich in tradition. The once rather closed library of the Collegium Carolinum has today become an institution that stands for free access to knowledge and open science."

Robert Strötgen, Senior Library Director of the UB Braunschweig, 2023


The year 1748 is considered the founding year of our current university library (in short "UB") of the TU Braunschweig. This makes it one of the oldest libraries of a technical university and this year it celebrates its 275th birthday: a good reason to celebrate. With the beginning of the summer semester, we start our diverse anniversary program. For the so-called "UBiläum", there will be many insights into the history and work of the university library, plus glimpses behind the scenes. In November, a ceremony will be the highlight of the anniversary year. Under the hashtag "#ubiläum275" on social media, we report on our activities throughout this year.

Blick aus dem Hauptgebäude der TU Braunschweig auf die Pädagogische Hochschule, die damals, Ende der 1950er Jahre, noch Kant-Hochschule hieß. Links ist schon Platz für das Bibliotheksgebäude gemacht worden.
View from the main building of the TU Braunschweig, which was then still known as Kant University. Looking to the left, towards the Haus der Wissenschaft, space has already been made for the library building.

Our program in the summer semester

  • Starting on 13.04. our "Throwback Thursday" series will be launched on Instagram (@ubbraunschweig). Here we give exciting insights into our history every Thursday.
  • From 17.04. our blog parade will be launched. Under the motto "Ode to the Knowledge Space", bloggers are called upon to publish their own contributions on the topic until 25th of August 2023.
  • For history students, the UBiläum offers a special opportunity. Every Monday during the summer semester, the seminar "jUBiläum. From the Archive to the Web" is held by the Institute of History in cooperation with the University Archives. The University Archives, which is part of the University Library, presents archival materials from its own holdings. The students will not only get an impression of how to work with the originals - they will immediately write a part of the UB history from them for presentation on the blog.
  • At the beginning of the summer semester, all students can take part in a special activity. We are giving away five places for our first bookbinding workshop. The winners will be able to create their own individual protective cover, e.g. for notepads, while the bookbinders will provide guidance and insights into the techniques and work of this traditional craft.
  • On July 13th the UB offers a "term paper sprint" for students. With the help of the Pomodoro principle, first aid in literature research and management and in dealing with writer's block, the term paper sprint is a good opportunity to finally finish "the one term paper".
  • In cooperation with the Institute of Regional History, two public lectures will be held in June:
    • On June 22, 2023, Dr. Timo Steyer and Michael Wrehde will talk about "The Regulated Knowledge Space. Historical Perspectives on the Use of the University Library of Braunschweig", starting at 19 o´clock.
    • And on 29.06. Dr. Julian Schenke will report on "Protest, Movement, Library: the '68ers' and the Braunschweig University Library", starting at 19 o´clock
  • If you already want to know how the University Library was housed from 1945 until the construction of the current building in 1972 and what the emergency accommodations, circulation and study spaces were like during that time, you can find an exciting article on the UB blog.