Traces of use

Cabinet exhibition. Traces of use.


from september, at the cabinet at the groundfloor of the University Library 

The library is a diverse place and far more than just an accumulation of books: While providing a place for books is one of its purposes, it also serves as a space for knowledge, studying and discussions.

The University Library provides its users with books – but not without some rules. In what ways has that changed since its founding in 1748? What does it look like today and what changes could happen in the future?

It has been possible to search the library‘s collection for 275 years now but the method has changed drastically over time and keeps steadily progressing. While there used to be index cards to find the specific book you needed, nowadays you simply use the digital Discovery-System, which not only conducts your search request but also provides you with matching suggestions.

The long history of a library is not only visible through its building but also its collections. Quite a few books that were used by students in the 18th century are still available in today‘s catalog.

What traces does the use of the library leave, especially in its books?

Let‘s look for some of them.