End of membership

End of membership

All books borrowed from the library as well as the library card must be returned at the end of the membership. Outstanding fees are to be paid.


For the exmatriculation a confirmation by the library on the exmatriculation form of the matriculation office is necessary. You can only receive it during the opening hours of the Circulation Desk.
If membership is to be terminated at the same time, the confirmation will only be issued if all books borrowed from the library as well as the TUCard have been returned and outstanding fees have been paid.
The exmatriculation form, if applicable together with the TUCard, can also be sent by mail to the university library. After the library has confirmed the exmatriculation form, it will be forward to the matriculation office.
If the membership relationship is to be continued after the exmatriculation, you must come to us personally, because you must present a valid identity card or passport with a certificate of registration in order to change the membership relationship.

Leave of absence

For a leave of absence, a confirmation by the University Library on the application form for leave of absence (form of the matriculation office) is required.
In exceptional cases, the application form can also be sent by post to the responsible offices. Please note the order of the confirmation notes given on the form!
The library will forward the application after confirmation.