Postdoc Programme Summer Semester 2023

The aim of our postdoc programme is to accompany you in planning and making decisions on your career path and to offer you support tailored to your needs. We provide workshops for various areas of expertise, networking events with changing impulses and the opportunity for individual counselling. The programme is supplemented by an internal mentoring offer. Our workshops and networking formats, such as the coffee breaks, are normally held in English. Some events, however, we offer alternately in German and English language. Counselling is available in German and English. The postdoc programme is open to all postdocs in the career phases R2 to R3 and thus also to junior research group leaders and junior professors.


Postdoc Programme Summer Semester 2023

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Coffee Breaks and Networking


We offer consulting around career planning, orientation at the university, funding opportunities and in general about further help/consulting services at TU Braunschweig. 

Please feel free to make an appointment for a personal talk: 


Mentoring for Postdocs

Our Mentoring offers the opportunity to share ideas on career planning with experienced professors at TU Braunschweig.

Offers on teaching and digital media

The Team Teaching and Media Education of the Project House offers all teaching staff a variety of events and consulting formats on the topic of teaching and learning. Postdocs who would like to develop and expand their teaching skills or are looking for exchange opportunities are welcome.

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Professional and Personnel Development - Postdoc Programme

Dr. Kristin Gehr
 ☎ +49 531 391 4284

Dr. Anne Fleige
 ☎ +49 531 391 4103