Basic Income Conference 2022

Freedom, Justice and Esteem: Perspectives from an Unconditional Basic Income

International Conference
March 3 and 4
2022, online


Unconditional basic income continues to be a subject of lively debate – both in academia and in the public and political spheres. From a philosophical and social science perspective, the questions it raises are: Would such an income increase our individual freedom? What impact would it have on fundamental forms of social esteem? And could it be consistent with notions of justice based on reciprocity? These systematic questions will be discussed at the conference, taking into account relevant historical and theoretical developments.

Organisation Prof. Dr. Hans-Christoph Schmidt am Busch, Institute of Philosophy, TU Braunschweig; Dr. Gottfried Schweiger, Centre for Ethics and Poverty Research, University of Salzburg
Time March 3 and 4, 2022
Venue The conference will be held online.
Conference Languages English and German
Funding Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
Registration Participation in the conference is free. Please register by March 2, 2022 at