Research Networks

Center of Pharmaceutical Engineering (PVZ)

The PVZ was founded on May 11, 2012 by scientists from institutes of pharmacy, process engineering and micro- and production technology of TU Braunschweig. The mission of this interdisciplinary research center is to collaborate across disciplines for the development of active, cost-efficient, and personalized therapeutics. The new buildung of the center at Franz-Liszt-Straße was officially opened with a ceremony on March 07, 2017. Please find more information on the official website of the PVZ.

Funded cooperative research networks (current projects)

PA-Biomarker - Development of an Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) for determination of pyrrolizidin alkaloid (PA)-protein-adducts as biomarker for detection of PA-exposition in livestock (IPB: AG Beuerle; BMEL, 3 TUBS + 1 national partner; Coordinator: Till Beuerle), 01/2021-12/2023

HOPPediMOTH - Host plant adaptation in Plutellid moths (IPB: AG Wittstock, DFG/ANR, 3 partners (national/international); Coordinator: Ute Wittstock), 01/2021-12/2023

iCA - Drug Discovery and Chemical Informatics for new antiinfectives (IMPC: AG Baumann, AG Kunick, AG Ott; IPB: AG Beerhues; IPT: AG Bunjes, AG Reichl; Ministry of Science and Culture - Graduate Program for Lower Saxony; Coordinator: Ingo Ott)

Spinning Disk Confocal Laser-Scanning Microscope (IPTK: Ingo Rustenbeck; DFG, 3 TUBS partners), 2019-2024

FOR2180 - Graded Implants for Tendon-Bone Junctions (IPT: Heike Bunjes; DFG-Research Unit, 8 regional partners), 01/2019-12/2021 (Second funding period), more

ORDIAmur - Overcoming Replant Disease by an Integrated Approach (IPB: Ludger Beerhues; BMBF-Network, 17 national partners), 01/2019-12/2021, more

Quanomet - Alliance, NL2: Structured Light Microscopy (IPTK: Ingo Rustenbeck, Stephan Scherneck; Ministry of Science and Culture Lower Saxony - Academic Alliance TU Braunschweig - Leibniz Universität Hannover, Research Line "Quantum and Nanometrology", 8 Partners), 01/2017-12/2021

NasaMuc - Nasal mucosa on chip - An organotypical cell culture model of the human nasal mucosa as an animal test replacing method in pre-clinical evaluation of active compounds and formulations (IPT: Stephan Reichl; BMBF, 3 regional partners; Coordinator: Stephan Reichl), 04/2019-09/2021

Materialities of Medical culture in/between Europe and East Asia (IMPC/ Div. for the History of Sciences and Pharmacy, bettina Wahrig; DFG, 13 international partners; Coordinator: Bettina Wahrig), 10/2018-09/2021

Stop Dry Eyes - Development of a technique for production of eye drops from human serum from donors for treatment of the Sicca syndrom and identification of active constituents (IPT: Stephan Reichl; NBank (State of Lower Saxony, EFRE), 3 supraregional partners), 08/2018- 08/2021

Handling systems for 3D - cell aggregates (IPTK: Ingo Rustenbeck; BMWi, 5 regional partners), 01/2018-12/2020

KoMMa.G - Gendered Configurations of Humans and Machines. Interdisciplinary Analyses of Technology (IMPC: Bettina Wahrig, Hermann Wätzig; Ministry of Science and Culture - Graduate Program (Lower Saxony), 15 regional partners; Coordinators: Bettina Wahrig and Corinna Barth), 03/2016-12/2020, more

St. Johns Worth against Alzheimer's - Meeting a social challenge by novel routes of identification, generation and application of natural products (IPB: Ludger Beerhues; Leibniz-Association, 6 national and international partners), 01/2016-04/2019, more

BBB on Chip - A microfluidic model of the blood-brain barrier for screening of active compounds and formulations (IPT: Stephan Reichl; BMBF, 3 regional partners), 04/2016-09/2018

Development and characterization of an in-vitro-cultivated corneal stroma replacement for ocular surface reconstruction by stimulating the synthesis of extracellular matrix in human corneal keratocytes (IPT: Stephan Reichl; DFG, 3 national partners), 10/2015-09/2018

µ-Props - Processing of poorly soluble drugs at small scale (PVZ-IPTK, IPB, IMPC, IPT; Ministry of Science and Culture - Graduate Program (Lower Saxony), 17 regional partners; Coordinators: Heike Bunjes und Andreas Dietzel), 11/2014-06/2018, more