Budget committee

General facts and members

The budget committee (BUCOM / HA) discusses the budget, supplementary budget as well as local projects and the discharge of the board of the AStA. The result of its discussions are recommendations to the student parliament.


The BUCOM usually consists of seven students who have to be members of the student parliament and may not be members members of the board of the AStA. Current members of the BUCOM are:

  • Thole Goesmann (Chairman)
  • Paul Ritter
  • Daniel Schupp
  • Adrian Meyhöfer

The BUCOM has stipulated the following rules of procedure GO, which have been approved by the student parliament.


The student parliament elects four auditors independently from the BUCOM who audit according to the ordinance of the student body an dreport to the BUCOM.

Elected auditors for 2024 are:

  • Magda Lena Quade
  • Jonah Chitombo
  • Sarina Söhl
  • Lucie Bierstedt

University-wide announcements and minutes of the BUCOM

The announcements and the minutes of the BUCOM are visible after signing in. They are only accessible to members of the university and may not be distributed.