NFL Research Day 2022

The NFL Research Day 2022 was once again held as a hybrid event and, in addition to the presentation of the NFL Researcher Awards, also offered exciting lectures on forward-looking research.

NFL Research Day 2022

Topic: Pollutants in aviation

This year, the NFL Research Day took place on 09.11.2022 from 09:00 to 13:00. NFL Chairman Prof. Rolf Radespiel welcomed the auditorium, which took part in the event both in person and online.

After greetings from the Vice President for Research, Prof. Peter Hecker, the lecture series began with a contribution by Prof. Volker Grewe (DLR). The staff member of the Institute for Physics and Atmosphere spoke about "The climate impact of air traffic and possibilities for mitigation".

Apl. Prof. Astrid Lampert introduced each speaker.

This was followed by a presentation by Prof. Friedrich Dinkelacker (LUH), who is head of the Institute for Technical Combustion. His lecture was dedicated to the topic of "Pollutant emissions of current and future engine technologies".

A final contribution was made by Frank Wetzel, a staff member of the Federal Environment Agency, with his presentation on "Environmentally friendly future perspectives for air transport".

The successful conclusion of the research day was followed by the annual presentation of the NFL Researcher Awards:

Mr Josef Thomas (VDI) presented the VDI Aerospace Award to Julia Feder. Prof. Christoph Keßler (DLR) presented the Karl Doetsch Young Scientist Award to Lucas Hermann and Prof. Rolf Radespiel presented the Hermann Blenk Researcher Award to Dr.-Ing. Stanislav Karpuk and Prof. Ali Elham (University of Southhampton).

Under this link you will find the award winners once again honoured with the title of the work and a photo with certificate:

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