Inception of a new start-up – Coldsense Technologies

“Don’t let ice stop your business”

There is enormous potential in unmanned aerial systems  and urban air mobility solutions. A great incentive is the worldwide predicted growth of the UAS-industry, estimated by the BDLI with growth rates of more than 500% until 2030. 

However, efficient and safe operation of all aircraft is closely linked to weather conditions: Atmospheric icing is unpredictable - and so there is always a risk that the wings and rotor blades will ice up during flight. Icing not only limits flight performance, but can also lead to loss of flight control. 
Coldsense Technologies is a customer-oriented high-tech start-up with the mission to develop innovative, reliable and robust system solutions to protect technical devices and equipment from the dangers of cold and icing.

For the new mobility of the future, Coldsense is involved in the development of a network in Lower Saxony called "Flybots" together with the Braunschweig Research Airport and the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics, Labour, Transport and Digitalisation, which deals with the diverse issues surrounding unmanned aerial systems.

Coldsense offers modular solutions consisting of weather forecasting, ice detection, anti-stick coatings and intelligent de-icing systems that ensure safety in every phase of flight. The onboard components are designed to be small, lightweight and energy efficient so that they do not affect flight performance. System development, test preparation, execution and evaluation services are also part of the young company's portfolio.

Coldsense Technologies was founded by three former employees of the Institute of Fluid Mechanics (ISM). The founding team consists of Dr Stephan Bansmer, Juan Velandia and Dr David Burzynski (picture: from left to right). The team will be funded and supported by the 'EXIST-Gründerstipendium' and the ISM until the end of 2021.Weekly news about Coldsense can be found on the start-up's LinkedIn page: Coldsense Technologies | LinkedIn. Support the young company and stay in touch!