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Master of Arts: Culture of the techno-scientific World (KTW)

The KTW is an interdisciplinary master program (2 years) which can be studied coming from both academic 'cultures', i.e. by students who hold a bachelor degree in Science/Engineering or students who hold a B.A. in the Humanities or Cultural Studies. Usually, the latter students head for a disciplinary master (with the option for a doctorate degree) in either Philosophy, History, English Studies or German Studies within the interdisciplinary KTW program at Braunschweig ("discipline-oriented profile"). However, it is also possible to focus on a profile which we call "profession-oriented" (German: berufsfeldorientiert). This profile enables you to work in jobs related to media, translation, tourism, marketing, politics and business administration. The KTW master program is accompanied by a mentoring program where you learn hands-on the challenges of your future job and get into contact with prospective employers.

You haven't studied at Braunschweig Institute of Technology and you hold a degree from a discipline that does not exist at the TU so far - such as Geography, Romance studies, Islamic Studies, Classics, Marine biology, etc.? No problem - you are welcome! The KTW (Master of Arts) program accepts admission applications from a wide variety of technologically and culturally focused bachelor's and master's. Your study plan will be tailor-made for you.

Based on your letter of motivation and your documents that you submit with your application, we consider if you have already acquired knowledge within the cultural studies (for example, in your minor field of study) and how you motivate your intention to acquire expertise with the cultural studies within the KTW master program. We will develop your particular credit requirements.

Basically, all philological and linguistic studies are considered as cultural studies; graduates from these disciplines are qualified to study the KTW master degree program without any further prerequisites. Some social sciences (e.g. cultural anthropology) also do not require any further prerequisites.

The main language of instruction is German, but there is a variety of courses that are taught in English, particularly in the KTW master profiles English Studies and Philosophy.

Living in Braunschweig: if you come from abroad, you will experience the low living costs in the city of Braunschweig, the warm atmosphere at the university, the rich cultural life, the beautiful natural environment in the Harz region, and the opportunity to learn real "high German" which is spoken in this particular region of Germany.