Culture of the Techno-scientific World

Master degree program:

Culture of the Techno-scientific World (KTW)

Ø Do you have a Bachelor degree in the Humanities or Cultural Studies and want to think outside the box?

Ø Do you have a Bachelor degree in the Natural Sciences or Technology and are interested in cultural studies?

Ø Do you intend to earn a doctorate in the Humanities (Dr. phil.)?

Study the interdisciplinary Master degree program KTW in Braunschweig and acquire the title "Master of Arts"!

The Master degree program KTW aims at:

  • connecting cultural studies teaching and research in the core disciplines English Studies, German Studies, History and Philosophy to questions and issues of the techno-scientific world

  • understanding the Humanities as disciplines with an inherently interdisciplinary orientation (Cultural Studies)

  • bridging the methodological and practical gap between the Humanities and the Natural Sciences and Technology

  • understanding technology as one component of the international culture(s)

Thinking outside the box:

The KTW program comprises an interdisciplinary M.A. offered by the Departments of English Studies, German Studies, History and Philosophy. The interdisciplinary program is complemented by attractive courses in the natural sciences and technological disciplines. It comprises course offers from the following faculties:

  • 2: Life sciences

  • 3: Architecture, Construction Engineering, Environmental sciences

  • 4: Mechanical Engineering

  • 1, 3, 4 and 5 (Program "Mobility and Transport")

Graduates with a discipline-oriented profile are qualified to earn a doctorate (Dr. phil.).


KTW graduates work in many diverse professional areas that require knowledge of "both cultures", e.g. academic teaching and research, media, marketing, archive management, librarianship, the publishing sector, business and political consultancy, research management, etc. The efficient and practice-oriented KTW Master program is supported by a mentoring program.