Ombudspersons for sexual harassment, discrimination and violence

An offer for students, employees and teaching staff of any gender identity and orientation

The Technical University of Braunschweig promotes equal cooperation between women and men and people of all gender identities in studies, teaching, research and services. All members and members of the TU Braunschweig have the right to a study and working environment that is free of harassment, discrimination and violence. All members and members of our university are required to contribute to a cooperative approach to study and work through their own behaviour and actions.

Sexual harassment, discrimination and psychological and physical violence are not tolerated at the TU Braunschweig and are regarded as a violation of work and official duties. Persons affected by sexual harassment, discrimination and violence are therefore expressly encouraged to insist on such actions and to actively defend themselves against such actions.

Ombudspersons have been appointed at the university, to whom victims of sexual harassment, discrimination and psychological ans physical violence cvan turn with complaints and for advice.

The ombudspersons offering:

  • Confidential counselling and support for students, staff anf teching staff of any gender identity and orientation
  • Consultinmg opportunities for employees with management responsibilities
  • Assistance in case of an official complaint procedure under employment law

Contact Ombudspersons

Prof. Dr. Daniela Hosser (Department of Developmental, Personality and Forensic Psychology)
Phone: + 49 531 391-2815

!! Prof. Dr. Daniela Hosser is not available untill september 2022!!

For consultation please contact the ombudspersons Kai Brunzel or Ulrike Wrobel:

Kai Brunzel (Head of Matriculation Office)
Telefon: + 49 531 391-4310

Ulrike Wrobel (Head of Equal Opportunities Office)
Telefon: + 49 531 391-4546