Information Security

Introduction - Basics

"Information security aims to protect information of any kind and origin. Information can be stored on paper, in IT systems or even in the heads of users. IT security as a subset of information security focuses on the protection of electronically stored information and its processing.

The classic basic values of information security are confidentiality, integrity and availability".
(BSI standard 200-1)

Information security is not a one-time setup or installation of a single piece of software or device - it is an ongoing process. So keep asking yourself the questions:

  1. What would be the consequences if the data from my device were to fall into someone else's hands?  What measures can I take to prevent this? (confidentiality)
  2. What would be the consequences if important data on my device were to be changed, whether by malicious intent or technical errors? What can I do about it? (data integrity)
  3. What would happen if my device suddenly failed?  How can I prevent this or reduce the consequences? (availability)