Intercultural Partner Project (IPP)

The Intercultural Partner Project (IPP) is a tandem project of the English Department at the Language Centre.

What are the benefits for the German participants?

You will get to know students from North America.


You will take part in a hands-on intercultural communication course throughout the semester and learn how to interact with people from other cultures.


Through the weekly meetings with different tandem partners, you will improve your language skills and participate in intercultural exchange with your partner.


After successful completion of this project, you can get a course certificate (“Schein”) with 4 Credits in English.


By taking part, you will show that you are interested in intercultural interaction which will look especially good on your resume or CV.


You will have the opportunity to develop an international network, which might be extremely helpful if you are planning to study for a semester in North America.


By participating in the excursion, you will strengthen the communication and interaction with the American students.

What does this program look like?

  • First, all students who would like to take part fill out a registration form which asks about what you are studying, what you do in your free time and whether you meet the requirements.
  • Everybody meets at the welcome meeting on the first day of class.
  • Throughout the semester, all participants take part in a weekly intercultural communication course.
  • In the weekly tandem meetings, the tandem partners discuss tasks set in the communication course, improve their language skills, and reflect on intercultural issues.
  • The German and American students take part in an excursion.

English Lecturer

H. Nese Yobas
+49 531 391 7288
Room 221, 2nd floor
Bültenweg 74/75, 38106 Braunschweig


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