Recher Group

Welcome at the Recher group

We are the Quantum Transport group at the Institut of Mathematical Physics at the Technische Universität Braunschweig.

Research interests

Our research interests are situated within phenomena of electron transport in low-dimensional structures like quantum dots, two-dimensional systems like graphene and topological insulators, and one-dimensional systems as realized in carbon nanotubes and in edge states of the quantum spin Hall state.

The central object is the electron spin. We are interested in how to manipulate, detect and entangle spin in electron transport. We use various techniques and models ranging from the Dirac equation, bosonization of the 1D electron gas (Luttinger-liquid models) and the Keldysh non-equilibrium formalism.

We are further interested in the interface of spin-dependent transport and quantum optics (Cooper-pair-to-light conversion and exciton-polariton systems).

Research topics

  • Mesoscopic aspects of graphene
  • Electron transport in topological insulators
  • Luttinger liquid theory
  • Non-equilibrium transport theory
  • Hybrid systems, spin-entanglement
  • Quantum simulation