University Auditing Office

Rita Westphal
Spielmannstr. 20, Room 20
Ttel. -2180

The University Auditing Office (HSC) reports to the Vice President. Its key responsibility is to make available to the Presidency and the Department Heads controlling-related data, indicators, and information. The HSC also advises the university management in all major financial decisions.

The aim is to achieve the best possible use of university resources in teaching, research, studying and continuing education.

The University Auditing Office has in particular these responsibilities:

  • Reporting incl. figures, internal reporting, and teaching-related controlling
  • Budget planning of state funding and implementation
  • Monitoring the use of Higher Education Pact funding and of tuition fees for long-term students
  • Support for energy budgeting
  • Budgeting management for the departments
  • Funding management of central funds
  • Large equipment under Section 91 b GG and Section 143 c GG
  • Budget applications and budget plans for TU Braunschweig as a state agency
  • Capacity calculations incl. advice on admissions lawsuits
  • Risk management coordination
  • Cost accounting incl. separate accounts
  • Performance-based allocation of funds (Leistungsorientierte Mittelvergabe, LOM)
  • Human resources controlling incl. recruitment (vacancy management/recruitment/reporting, other HR funding, payroll costs)
  • Project and financial controlling for the research centres and other measures of particular importance
  • Material resources/investment controlling
  • SAP Key User roles CO, HCM, BW
  • Statistics (graduates, applicants, finance, staff, students, doctorates, post-doctorate degrees)
  • Strategic controlling
  • Economic efficiency calculations
  • Central appointment fund auditing
  • Agreement of objectives for programmes of study
  • “Formelplus”
  • System of indicators for higher education
  • End-of-year real-cost settlement with the state of Lower Saxony
  • Statements of need for TU Braunschweig as a state agency