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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic all workshops are held online until further notice.

Programme 2nd half-year 2021

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Independence, personal responsibility and the ability to solve problems systematically are important skills to have in research and teaching. But they also considerably reinforce the attractiveness of a doctoral degree outside of academia. These skills help PhD students to get started in business and prepare them for future leadership positions.

GradTUBS offers a variety of training courses on a diverse range of topics for PhD students to choose from. Our offers support you in refining your profile as a researcher and highly skilled potential employee in four qualification categories. If requested, we are happy to advise you on courses tailored to your needs.

If the workshop you are interested in is booked out, please subscribe to the waiting list and note the date, it is possible that you move up.

For more information on the registration process, please refer to the FAQ.

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Programme 1st half year 2021

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Please note: Workshops that are marked with * cannot be credited as qualification measures at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Networking-Event: Gründung *

National-Jürgens-Brauerei (NJB) am Rebenring; 13.02.2020 (16:00-17:30)

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