The LeoPARD of the TU Braunschweig allows scientists to publish research results as a first or second publication. In addition, it provides numerous digitized works from the university library's legacy collections and other valuable holdings from special collections available for research purposes.
LeoPARD has been operated with the repository software MyCoRe (My Content Repository) since 2004 and has been continuously developed. Since 2016 the Verbundzentrale of GBV (VZG) in Göttingen hosts the repository, which also ensures the sustainable availability and continuous integration of new features. 

Research data publication

Since August 2020, research data can also be archived and published on LeoPARD. Users only need to fill out a template with general metadata and upload the data. In addition to the requested metadata, we advise attaching a README file with further, descriptive metadata to the data set. The data will be published after a quality check by the library staff. A DOI can also be assigned to the data.

If you are planning to publish your research data on LeoPARD, the following info materials may help you:


Guideline for archiving and publication of research data of TU Braunschweig

Instruction for publishing research data at the publication server

README Template


Further instructions for submitting written publications or research data can be found under Notes for Authors.