Consultations & trainings

TUBS.researchdata offers advice and support the course of third-party funding applications, doctoral projects or other projects, the creation of data management plans, the search for suitable metadata standards and data formats,

...with legal questions,

...with storage, archiving and publication aspects,

...with the search for suitable repositories and their quality control, short, for all questions about research data management!

Are you interested in generic or subject-specific RDM training or individually customized workshops? TUBS.researchdata will support you and develop a suitable training format together with you.

Especially in Collaborative Research Centres (CRCs) or Research Training Groups (RTGs), RDM plays an important role. There, too, TUBS.researchdata provides support. In the past, a series of workshops on RDM was successfully held with the RTG 2075, at the end of which the PhD students developed their own research data guidelines for the RTG 2075.

For consultations and training requests, contact forschungsdaten(at)!