Our performance dimensions

HSE excellence

1. Performance Dimension Research

Vision and mission

  • We develop science-based solutions for people and entire social systems, now and in the future.

  • We understand interdisciplinarity as a driver of excellence.

  • We achieve visibility through participation in high-performing regional, national and international research networks.

Our objectives for the research performance dimension

  • We will create critical masses and increase the potential of our research areas.

  • We exploit the full research potential of our clusters of excellence.

  • We attract, develop and retain talent.

  • We create an attractive environment for research.

Objectives that drive our overarching themes

  • We increase internationality and interculturality as a prerequisite for cutting-edge research.

  • We provide our researchers with internationally recognised digital tools for research, collaboration, communication and dissemination.

  • We promote equality and diversity in all areas of research.

  • Together with our collaborators, we actively transfer research results into economic and social applications.

  • We expect our research projects to contribute to environmental, social and economic sustainability.

2. Performance Dimension Teaching and Studying

Vision and mission

  • Our graduates act professionally in a changing world and international work environment and play an active role in shaping it.

  • Our programmes enable thinking and acting with foresight and meet the highest standards of teaching.

Our objectives for the teaching and studying performance dimension

  • We have a distinctive range of programmes.

  • We offer the best study conditions and support.

  • Our programmes are focused on socially relevant issues.

  • We anticipate social change and adapt our programmes accordingly.

Objectives that drive our overarching themes


  • We educate for a global labour market.

  • We embrace our role as an international university and ensure the integration and academic success of our international students and staff.


  • We combine digital learning opportunities with face-to-face teaching to create space for new things.

  • We promote individual learning through digital or hybrid teaching-learning scenarios and enable studies for different life situations.

Equality and diversity

  • We facilitate a heterogeneous student body.

  • We harness the potential of learner and teacher diversity for individualised learning and teaching.

  • We widen participation through digital offerings.

Knowledge exchange

  • We empower our students to participate in shaping society.

3. Performance Dimension Transfer

Vision and mission

  • We think internationally and act as part of the region.

  • We make high-quality knowledge from research available quickly and easily and take up impulses from society and business.

  • Our transfer is based on stable cooperation and active communities.

  • We develop, implement and evaluate participatory transfer and dialogue formats involving our stakeholders and relevant social communities, and create incentives for individual engagement in transfer.

Our objectives for the transfer performance dimension

  • We will develop a broad understanding of transfer.

  • We strategically develop our network and relationship management.

  • We make our transfer structures and activities visible and create incentives for engagement in different transfer activities.

Objectives that drive our overarching themes

  • We develop our competencies in technology-oriented transfer.

  • We promote the transfer-related activities of members of the university.

  • We increase internationality and interculturality in transfer.

  • We increase equality and diversity in our transfer activities.

  • We use digital tools and formats to connect science with our partners in business, society and politics.

  • We create participation through transfer.

4. Performance Dimension Governance and Administration

Vision and mission


  • We have horizontal and decentralised governance.

  • Processes are guided by a common spirit.

  • We are committed to transparency in administration and governance.

  • Professional standard processes are developed further, for example through demand-driven pilot projects and creative model projects.

  • The principle of subsidiarity applies (ownership).

Administration 4.0

  • Our university administration is innovative in its structures and processes, its development dynamics and its own constant professionalisation.

  • It is service-oriented, responsible, sustainable, transparent, cosmopolitan, digital and communicative.

  • Together, we provide the best service for all performance dimensions and create free spaces.

Objectives for the Governance and Administration Performance Dimension

  • We make the cultural change we have initiated a success.

  • We contribute to an attractive working environment.

  • As a building owner, we continuously modernise our research and teaching infrastructure, taking into account the interests of the entire university.

  • The administrative staff is characterised by service orientation and agility.

Objectives that drive our overarching themes


  • By 2026, 95% of all administrative processes will be digitised.

  • We will develop structures that enable decisions based on key figures.

  • We will achieve resilience of our digital systems and organisational structures.


  • Active internationalisation is a matter of course in the administration.

  • Internationalisation is firmly anchored in the mind-set of the administration and the administration's processes are geared towards internationalisation.

Equality and diversity

  • Our service contributes to the improvement of equality and diversity.

Knowledge exchange

  • Our service contributes to the realisation of knowledge exchange.