SEO: Metatag description

Search engine optimisation plays a major role not only in the economy - we can also improve the ranking of our university pages by optimising our web pages. Only a high ranking, however, does not mean that users will also click on the link offered. To increase the probability of this, you should optimise the description within the Google snippet. You can change the description in the page properties of your web pages.

You can find the metatag description in the page properties of the respective page under the metadata tab. Use the description for a short summary of the content of the page. Try to include the most important keywords (search terms) for your page. If it fits, add a short call to action such as click here or read more.

At the moment, two-line descriptions are displayed on Google again, which means they should be no longer than 156 characters. If you have several similar pages, use a specific description for each to avoid duplicate content. Duplication of content decreases our search engine ranking! You are also welcome to use special characters → as these can contribute to better readability. √

You can use snippet generators to help you with this, such as this snippet generator from Sistrix.