New feature: Bilingual and linkable institution logo

The institution logo can now also be embedded in an English version and a link is possible.

Many of the TU Braunschweig's websites are available in German and English.

It is common for institutes and facilities to have their name in the logo or lettering. In order to offer the English versions of the websites in English throughout, the logo integration in the TYPO3 system has been extended. It is possible to integrate an additional logo for the English websites. This logo is then used instead of the German logo.

In addition, it has been made possible to provide the logo with a link to a fixed page. You can now provide your logo with a link to your homepage, so that one click takes you back there. Thus we were able to implement another common internet practice. You can also have these settings made individually for each language version.

Note: You cannot make these settings yourself. Please contact the TYPO3-Team for this. For more information on integrating the logo, see individual settings for websites.