Modifications of the system: Removal of the Translate function

Since the different modes of the Translate function repeatedly led to problems in bilingual pages, the Translate mode, which often led to errors, was removed as part of a system update.

During the running operation of a new IT system, adjustments to the system are always necessary: Security updates have to be installed, functions are improved and sometimes unnecessary or error-prone functions are removed. When the TYPO3 system was introduced at the TU Braunschweig, it was possible to choose between two different modes for the translate function: Translate or Copy. Translate generated English-language pages in connected mode, Copy in free mode. Often it was not obvious to the users which mode was best suited for which use case and the modes were often mixed. Then some English-language pages could no longer be edited properly. It was neither possible to integrate new content nor to move content and the page was in mixed mode.

Since the linked mode is very strict and only useful in very few cases, and the free mode offers greater flexibility in the editors' everyday work, we decided to remove the Translate function from the Translate menu as part of an update. This allowed us to remove a source of user error from the system. The Translate function now only offers you the flexible Copy mode.

If your web pages still contain English-language pages in linked mode, these can still be translated and edited via the List module if required!

There is also documentation for translating page content.