About us

The Research Center for Digitalization, Informatics and Information Technology of the University of Braunschweig (TUBS.digital, formerly tubs.CITY) was founded on decision of the Presidium of the TU Braunschweig and at the request of the Carl-Friedrich Gauß Department (Faculty) and the Department of Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Physics on January 30th 2008 to offer a unit for collaboration projects and research activities in digitalization, computer science and information technology.

Meanwhile, 32 professors from 16 institutes and several departments join TUBS.digital as members.

Regular meetings for mutual exchange on scientific topics and on new research activities provide ideas for collaborative research projects, strengthen the basis of mutual trust and foster an atmosphere in which one can develop together. Closed conferences are convened regularly to elaborate join strategic goals, to review innovatice concepts, to plan and prepare interdisciplinary research projects. An annual symposium highlights each year another hot topic for society or research and seeks for exchange between industry and science.

The TUBS.digital board consists of six representatives of the departments who are elected in a general meeting for a term of three years. It supervises the implementation and maintenance of the common objectives of TUBS.digital in research and teaching and coordinates the action at the annual general meeting. TUBS.digital is committed to include the young scientists from among the members through cooperation with a speaker of the group of academic staff.

The office is the central point of contact for all questions to TUBS.digital. It is headed by the Managing Director, who is responsible for the business coordination of joint research projects, reporting and monitoring of fund administration and accounting.