Start-up Coaching


TU Braunschweig entrepreneurs have access to free start-up coaching on request. Our coaches will accompany you at every step along the path to a successful start-up. Start-up coaching includes:

  • Help with developing a sustainable business model
  • Support in drawing up a robust business plan
  • Sound feedback on your business plan
  • Developing project and milestone planning
  • Support when applying for suitable funding and grant programmes
  • Training in techniques for presentations and pitches
  • Preparation for ideas and business plan competitions

We look forward to hearing from you with any technology-based innovation, a scientific or academic service or any other start-up idea. Our coaching services are designed for students, graduates and TU academic staff.

"Journal article published on the subject of start-up coaching"

Nov 2015

Using a real-world example from the university's start-up support service, the authors describe the journey of one team towards establishing their own business, and the considerable contributions that can be made by start-up coaching and psychological career coaching. The article shows the obstacles, help, missteps, successes and important experiences that a team might encounter or gather along the path to start-up success and the central role that institutional start-up support can play in this experience.

You will find the online resource of the journal article, published by the Springer-Verlag, here: Springer.