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Benefit from our networks

Networks are essential for anyone thinking of starting a business as well as for existing start-ups. This is where you'll find like-minded people who are facing or have faced the same challenges. The regional start-up network is well established in the Braunschweig region. Become a part of our networks. We'll be happy to introduce you!

The Technology Transfer Office start-up group

Contact with other start-ups is particularly important. The start-up group at the TU Braunschweig offers people with potential and existing start-ups the opportunity to exchange ideas on a range of subjects in a relaxed atmosphere. We benefit here from the input of our alumni start-up network, the members of which are also invited to the start-up group and support our start-ups with their dynamic contributions.

Braunschweig start-up network

The Technology Transfer Office is a member of the Braunschweig start-up network. On the start-up network page you will find expert partners for training, networking with important people and funding support. As part of our coaching service we also offer consultancy services from our regional network.

Alumni start-up network

The Technology Transfer Office is the contact point at the TU Braunschweig for all innovative business start-ups. We rely on you as a graduate of the TU Braunschweig and on successful entrepreneurs to be able to support new spin-offs more effectively with knowledge from industry.

You too can establish new contacts with experienced and recently created businesses through the alumni start-up network. Become a part of a TU Braunschweig business community.

As a start-up alumnus you'll find a range of opportunities here to get actively involved in supporting new TU Braunschweig start-ups:

1. Become a part of a lively start-up network.

2. Become a mentor for a start-up founder.

3. Become a speaker at our events.

Please register by e-mail, fax (0531) 391-4269, telephone (0531) 391-4260 or the registration form (see below). Your information will of course be treated in confidence.
We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Dr. Manuela-Christina Hahn