Series of Events

Series of Events


A special series of events for teaching staff and students to inform, reflect, ask questions, discuss, apply and try out.


The launch of ChatGPT has triggered an avalanche of actions and reactions, especially in the education sector. However, the chatbot is just one of many artificial assistance systems in a rapidly growing market. It is high time to look at how AI is transforming higher education: How are AI tools changing everyday life for teaching staff and students? How do they affect teaching and examinations? What influence do they have on student learning, academic work and research? How should the cooperation between humans and computers be classified? And above all: how can these changes be dealt with?

The Project House of the TU Braunschweig cordially invites teaching staff and students to explore these and other questions as part of the special event series "AI - Transformation of Higher Education". In five interactive lectures and a panel discussion, the topic will be examined from different scientific perspectives. Participants are expressly invited to exchange ideas and think further with one another on the subject. In addition, various hands-on formats offer the opportunity to explore and reflect on practical application scenarios of AI.

Participation in the events is free of charge. Students can receive credit for the events as part of their interdisciplinary qualification. For teaching staff, it is possible to receive credit for work units within the framework of continuing education. You are also welcome to attend our events without registering.

Interactive Lecture and Exchange Series

Artificial intelligence: Why You Still Need Your Brain

24.04.2023, 5 pm, Architecture Pavilion TU Braunschweig, Pockelsstr. 4
Dr. Manuela Lenzen, science journalist and non-fiction author
Presentation: Alexa Böckel

The reactions to artificial assistance systems such as ChatGPT range between fear and excitement in the higher education landscape. Artificial intelligence is a research field in which a multitude of different methods are being tested. To be able to help shape the changes this technology brings to universities, it is important to understand what we are dealing with. The kick-off of the series of events therefore deals with the basics of AI and sheds light on its strengths and weaknesses.

Co-author AI - The Role of Communicative AI in the Production and Communication of Scientific Knowledge

11.05.2023, 5 pm, Architecture Pavilion, Pockelsstr. 4
Dr. Esther Greussing and Evelyn Peter, Institute for Communication Science, TU Braunschweig
Presentation: Julian Fick

AI systems like ChatGPT enable a dialogical exchange about complex scientific questions. The lecture introduces the concept of communicative AI and explains how such systems influence the production and dissemination of scientific knowledge from a communication science perspective. The focus will be on the levels of functionality, user perception and (critical) engagement with its content.

AI in Teaching: Future Concepts for the New Normal in Universities and Schools

25.05.2023, 17:00, Architecture Pavilion, Pockelsstr. 4
Prof. Dr. Tilman Michaeli, Didactics of Computer Science, TU Munich
Jonas Leschke, Centre for Science Didactics, Ruhr University Bochum
Presentation: Prof Dr Stefanie Hartz

AI tools have the potential to revolutionise higher education and teaching in schools. But what does this revolution mean in concrete terms for the various phases of teaching and learning at schools and universities, and what competences will teaching staff need in the future, in order to shape education in the age of AI? In two keynote speeches, experts from the perspectives of both educational institutions will shed light on recognised teaching concepts, summarise and discuss guiding questions, and reflect on the “New Normal” in schools and universities in a two-way discussion and in exchange with participants.

Collaboration with AI - How Hybrid Intelligence can Work

08.06.2023, 5 pm, Architecture Pavilion, Pockelsstr. 4
Prof. Dr. Dominik Siemon, LUT University, Finland
Presentation: Michael Meyer

Applications and services based on artificial intelligence are becoming increasingly powerful. Tasks that could previously only be performed by humans can not only be outsourced, but also processed together with AI. However, for human and AI collaboration to work in so-called hybrid teams, new team constellations and dynamics need to be explored. The lecture will look at current research on hybrid intelligence and human-AI collaboration and give examples of how hybrid intelligence can work, especially in software engineering.

May I or May I Not? Legal framework for the use of AI in research, teaching and examinations

22.06.2023, 5 pm, Architecture Pavilion, Pockelsstr. 4
Prof. Dr. iur. Ralf Imhof, Law of Information and Communication Technology, Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences
Presentation: Anika Düring

AI systems can make research and teaching easier if they assist in writing bibliographies or an essay, for example - but what may be used and how? When is the use of these systems considered plagiarism? The lecture provides answers to questions on the legally compliant use of AI that arise around copyright and examination law, mandatory labelling, etc.

Panel Discussion: AI and the Future of Education

04.07.2023, 17:00, Architecture Pavilion, Pockelsstr. 4
Prof. Dr. Knut Baumann, Vice President for Studies and Teaching, TU Braunschweig
Prof. D.-Ing habil Manfred Krafczyk, Vice President for Digitalisation and Sustainability, TU Braunschweig

The discussion guests are:
Dr. Benjamin Paaßen, Educational Technology Lab, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Dr. Ricarda Schlimbach, Business Informatics - Service Information Systems, TU Braunschweig
Dr. Julia Schneider, AI comic essayist and economist
Sebastian Horndasch, Programme Manager Stifterverband, Head of University: Future Festival University Forum Digitalisation
Nadine Lordick, Centre for Science Didactics, Writing Centre, Ruhr University Bochum
Lea Bachus, Future-AG Digital Change Maker University Forum Digitalisation, Student University of Bielefeld

Integrating artificial intelligence into educational processes and making it usable for studying and teaching is highly relevant when it comes to future-oriented teaching and learning. On the podium, experts from various professional perspectives will shed light on the opportunities and requirements AI presents for universities and the future of education.

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AI-Hands-On: Workshops for students and teaching staff

AI-Writing Workshop

30.05.2023 and 31.05.2023, 10 am – 5 pm, Conference room in the Masch.Bau

Margret Mundorf and Moritz Larsen, AI-ExpertLab-Team

With the chatbot ChatGPT, the topic of AI has moved further into the public focus. Text production can be easily supported by low-threshold AI tools and changes the framework of writing. After an introduction, AI-based writing tools and their possible applications will be presented and tested. In the context of academic writing, issues ranging from checking for plagiarism to academic quality arise. The AI-supported generation and revision of texts offers new possibilities, but also brings numerous challenges, which will be made tangible in the workshop.

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Hack my Exam

01.06.2023, 10 am -5 pm, Conference room in the Masch.Bau 

Dr. Stefan Böhme and Philipp Preuß, Project House of the TU Braunschweig

Passed the US medical exam, failed the Bavarian Abitur: ChatGPT has taken numerous exams in recent months, with some astonishing, and some sobering results. Time for a closer look: Which AI tools perform best in exams? And which exam tasks are still very difficult for AI? This will be found out in a practical experiment. After a short introduction, teaching staff and students will play "Hack my Exam" together in small groups in several rounds. The participants will then discuss the results in the panel. Afterwards, teaching staff will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with each other. Students can bring their own exam papers along, for example from old exams.

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I AM A.I. AI-Exhibition Phaeno Wolfsburg, Excursion & Workshop

Kick-off event: 05.05.2023, 09:45 -11:30 am
Excursion day: 02.06.2023, 10 am – 5 pm, Phaeno Wolfsburg                                            
Workshop day: 09.06.2023, 10 am – 5 pm

Maike Kempf and Christine Linne, Project House of the TU Braunschweig          
Juliane Sperling, Milena Damrau, Bianca Violet and Andreas Matt, exhibition organisers, Imaginary

During a visit to the special exhibition "I AM A.I. Künstliche Intelligenz erklärt" [Artificial Intlligence Explained] at the Phaeno in Wolfsburg, different perspectives on artificial intelligence (AI) can be explored, tried out and discussed using interactive exhibits. On the following workshop day, the exhibition organisers offer the opportunity to explore selected core concepts of artificial intelligence in greater depth. Fundamental problems and dilemmas of AI and machine learning will be experienced, explored, and discussed through experiments, discussion games, interactive software, thought experiments and analogies.

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