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Many challenges for today's society, culture, politics and economy are attached to the overarching topic of what our life will be like in the cities of the future. Worldwide and also in Germany, the majority of the population lives in cities and urban regions which, due to the foreseeable increase in processes of urbanisation and globalisation, place complex demands on existing urban structures and future planning. Regardless of whether we address climate adaptation, energy revolution, secure employment, affordable housing, sustainable mobility, immigration or demographic change - a holistic, inter- and transdisciplinary approach is always needed to meet the challenges of sustainable urban development.

In order to tackle these problems on a scientific level, TU Braunschweig has given itself a new strategic research focus: "Future City" will offer an umbrella for new research fields and co-operations in the region in the coming years, thus adding to the other focus areas "Mobility", "Infections and Therapeutics" as well as "Metrology" a highly topical and relevant field of research.

Across all faculties, our scientific priorities have been grouped into six visions, each of which comprises a large number of projects. The visions form a concrete framework for both application-oriented projects and projects in fundamental research, underpinning them with basic research questions, work programmes and methodologies.

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