SQUIRREL - Retreat in Bilm

[M. Lahmann, E. Ley, S. Ammann, L.-M. Manke, T. Niemann, News, R. Marx, C. Hansknecht, D. H. Cebulla, F. Bürgel, S. Stiller]

In the past week, ten employees of the Institute for Mathematical Optimization as well as the Institute of Analysis and Algebra got together for a retreat in a conference hotel in Bilm near Hanover.

During the four days all participants presented a topic from their current research. In addition to the talks of the participants there was enough time to intensively discuss the different research topics and possible thematic intersections. The discussions could also be continued while walking in the beautiful surroundings of Bilm.

(*SQUIRREL - Seminar on QC IP Robustness and Langrangian Relaxation)