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Industrial partners interested in collaborations are invited to contact us through iTUBS, Technology Transfer Center 134: Mathematical Optimization.


The 7 Greatest Adventures in Mathematics: Navier-Stokes Equations

How does water flow over a rapids? How does air flow around a car body? Is it possible to compute this? Is there a basic mathematical model for this, just as there are Newton's laws for the motion of solid bodies? A basic model of fluid mechanics are the Navier--Stokes equations. They are more complicated than Newton's laws and for complex applications one has to approximate them or resort to experiments (e.g. in a wind tunnel).

Student workshop in cooperation with the IFAS

This Monday, a student workshop in cooperation with the IFAS (Institut für Flugantriebe und Strömungsmaschinen) took place on the Automotive Research Centre Niedersachsen. We welcomed 25 students aged from 10 to 16 years.

SQUIRREL - Retreat in Bilm

In the past week, ten employees of the Institute for Mathematical Optimization as well as the Institute of Analysis and Algebra got together for a retreat in a conference hotel in Bilm near Hanover.


Article Published

Our paper A. Bärmann, P. Gemander, M. Merkert, A.-K. Wiertz, F. Zaragoza Martínez: "Algorithms for the clique problem with multiple-choice constraints under a series–parallel dependency graph" has been published in the journal "Discrete Applied Mathematics".

Article accepted

Our paper P. Mutzel, T. Niemann, L. Schürmann, S. Stiller, A. M. Tillmann: "Vehicle Routing with Heterogeneous Time Windows" will appear in Operations Research Proceedings 2022.

Special Issue "The Interplay of Discrete Optimization and Machine Learning"

A new Special Issue on the Interplay of Discrete Optimization and Machine Learning in the journal "Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics", edited by A. M. Tillmann, E. Khalil, G. Munoz and S. Pokutta, is now welcoming submissions. For more information and to participate, visit the research topic website.

Article published

Our paper F. J. L. Willamowski und A. M. Tillmann, "Minimizing Airplane Boarding Time" , has been published in the journal "Transportation Science".

Article Published

Our paper M. Merkert, G. Orlinskaya, D. Weninger: "An exact projection-based algorithm for bilevel mixed-integer problems with nonlinearities" has been published in "Journal of Global Optimization".



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