Lecture: Multi-Level Optimization (Summer 2022)

[M. Merkert, Lehre]

The course "Multi-Level Optimization" is for Bachelor's and Master's students of programs in Data Science, Mathematics as well as Mathematics in Finance and Industry (credit points: 7, credit hours: 3+1). The course will be held in the summer term 2022 by Prof. Dr. Maximilian Merkert as a so-called Reading Course in English language.

Course in Stud.IP: Stud.IP

The course will be held as a Reading Course. In this "inverted classroom" format, content is studied together over the course of the semester using given literature. The role of synchronous meetings and units of asynchronous study are reversed: The reading of the material takes place between the meetings independently in predetermined units and with the help of guiding questions. In the weekly meetings, the material is discussed in an interactive manner, with informal short presentations and the joint completion of smaller exercises.

In this format, it is particularly important that all participants follow the learning rhythm of the course. The willingness to do so as well as regular active participation in the weekly meetings is therefore assumed!


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