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The research center LENA is focusing on the development and application of nanometrology – precise measurements at the nanometer scale – to enable and support novel science and applications in nanotechnology.

LENA performs interdisciplinary fundamental research from synthesis, analytics and theory of nanomaterials to nanotechnological applications. Its scientific activities can be grouped into three core research areas:

  • Precise characterizations of nanomaterials and 3D-nanosystems with assessment of measurement uncertainties and retraceability of measurands to SI units.
  • Improvement of nanoanalytics for continuously enhanced sensitivity and precision of the applied methods.
  • Development of ubiquitous sensors, for example, to detect nanoparticles or exploit the unique properties of nanomaterials to build small ultra-sensitive sensors for various applications like biomedical diagnostics or environmental online monitoring, or nano-standards that can serve as points of reference for calibrations everywhere.

Core Research Areas

Quantum Standards Novel Methods Ubiquitous Sensing
single quantum emitters comprehensive nanoanalytics hybrid integration of nanosensors
quantum metrological triangle high end infrastructure for nanoanalytics semiconductor nanotechnology
quantitative uncertainty at the nanoscale combination of unique methods highly available sensor modules