ShipWave 2023: A workshop on ship-induced wave loads

Together with the BAW, the LWI organizes an interactive workshop in Hamburg from 22.3.-24.3.2023

Ship-generated waves are an increasingly important load in various waterways worldwide, leading to damaged engineering structures, changes in morphodynamic activities and the living environment alike. This is due to an increasing vessel size and an intensification of traffic density.

To address these problems, the Leichtweiß-Institute together with the German Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute (BAW) organizes the first International Workshop on Ship-induced Hydrodynamic Loads in Shallow and Confined Coastal Waterways (ShipWave 2023). The workshop will be held from March 22.-24., 2023 in Hamburg, Germany. The workshop targets researchers of all sectors from academia, industry and public institutions alike. The program combines a number of presentations with interactive formats to discuss the most pressing research questions, as well as innovative strategies to predict and mitigate the impact of ship-generated waves on their surroundings. For further information see the workshop website.