Laboratory, Technical Centre and Instruments

Chemical and physical lab

  • lab instruments for chemical routine analysis (AAS, GC, AOX, Photometer, BOD, COD, AT4, GB21)
  • X-ray fluorescence spectrometer
  • clima chambers
  • wet-chemical lab
  • classification aggregates for sieving and sorting of wastes
  • shredding aggregates for wastes and soils
  • detection of water-holding-ability (pF-apparatus)
  • measurement of saturated and unsaturated water conductivity (kf, ku)

In-situ measurement

  • instruments for continuously hydrostatical altitude measurement in not accessible pipings up to a length of 250 m
  • instruments for gas sampling in vertical and horizontal pipes
  • instruments for temperature measurement in vertical and horizontal pipes
  • instruments for conductivity measurement in vertical and horizontal pipes
  • instruments for water sampling in vertical and horizontal pipes
  • self-propelled camera for pipes from DN 225 and distances up to 250 m
  • mobile battery-powered measuring instruments for continuously measurement and registration of environmental datas in the water
  • instruments for profile recording (water, gas) in vertical pipes
  • instruments for direct emission measurement in used air
  • tensiometer (measurement of water tension)
  • inclinometer for surveying of vertical pipes and landfill drains
  • instruments for detection of leachate runoff in drainage pipes (temporal and spatial severing)

Waste mechanical experiment instruments

  • one-axial pressure experiments with a diameter of up to 60 cm
  • pressure-settlement experiments with obstructed side extension (one-axial compressor: ø 23, 60 und 120 cm)
  • direct shear test (volume approx. 2.5 m3 / shear surface approx. 1.8 m2; 900 cm2 MBT-residues)
  • traction experiments (volume approx. 3 m3 / traction diameter approx. 1 m2; 0,25 m2 for MBT-residues)
  • proctor instruments (up to ø 250 mm)
  • compression-permeability-experiments in the one-axial compressor ø 23 cm
  • test station for the examination of horizontal permeability under load
  • high-voluminous triaxial-cell (sample ø 475 mm)

Examination of long-time behavior

  • heavyset-lysimeters for wastes
  • percolation columns for examination of emission behavior and the incrustation tendency
  • imitated aquifers (length 100 m)

Examination of mechanical-biological treatment

  • reactors for the examination of biological treatment processes in laboratory scale (140 l) as also in half-technical scale (14 m3)
  • reactors for the examination of anaerobic biological treatment processes (10 m3)
  • test station for the simulation of landfill-methane oxidation in half-technical scale (2.4 m3)
  • test station for the simulation of vacuum-boiling- drying and vacuum-boiling-extraction