Conditions for room rental

For some participants there is also the possibility of being accommodated in families or with private landlords. The cost is between 300€ and 400€ per month. The rooms vary in size and are equipped with a bed, pillow, blanket, wardrobe, bed linen and a workstation (table and chair). You share the kitchen and bathroom with your host family or roommates.


If you register with us for a room, you accept the following conditions:

  • There is no cleaning service. You are responsible for the maintenance of your room. You will keep the kitchen and bathroom clean together with your roommates. You are expected to leave the room, kitchen and bathroom clean when you leave.
  • Female and male students often live together in shared flats.
  • Only you are allowed to live in your room.
  • After 10 p.m. you should be quiet out of consideration for your neighbours.
  • The room contains personal furniture and belongings of the family or students who normally live there. Please use them with care.
  • There are not always spare keys for the rooms. If you lose your key, you may have to pay for new keys and door locks.
  • The rooms are located in different apartments, buildings and city districts. They can usually be reached within 15 to 30 minutes from the university and the city centre by bus and tram.
  • The buildings and rooms differ in age, location, size and equipment. For organisational reasons, the rooms are not freely selectable.
  • The rooms are available from 29 August to 30 September 2020.
  • If you cancel your registration for a room after 15.07.2020, we will not be able to refund the rental costs.



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