André Drummond

André Drummond

Dr. André Drummond

Room: 1107
Phone: +49 531 391 5287
E-Mail: andre.drummond(at)

Institut für Datentechnik und Kommunikationsnetze
Hans-Sommer-Straße 66
38106 Braunschweig


André Costa Drummond obtained the degree of Computing Engineer from the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas (PUC-Campinas) in 2002 and in the same year he started his graduate studies at the Computing Institute of the University of Campinas (IC-UNICAMP), where he obtained the degrees of Master (2005) and Doctor ( 2010) in Computer Science.

He developed his master's thesis and doctoral thesis in the area of ​​computer networks with an emphasis on traffic engineering for multi-service networks and optical networks. His Ph.D. thesis work was funded by the CISCO URP Dynamic Traffic Grooming project with Support to QoS in IP over WDM Networks.

He has also participated in several research projects, such as INCT Photonics for Optical Communications, Robust Networks Systems: Models and Tools (Big Computing Challenges call). Optical Internet Laboratory (FAPESP TIDIA Kyatera program), Nucleus of Excellence in Optical Connectivity (PRONEX), Taquara - Technology, Applications, and Quality of Service in Advanced Networks (CNPq). His participation in the Inter-Domain Peering and Provisioning Project for the Next Generation Optical Networks with the Technical University Carolo-Wilhelmina (TUBS) included a Ph.D. internship at that university. Almost 10 years later, André returned to TUBS as visiting professor between 2018 and 2019 funded by a scholarship from CNPq.

André Drummond is an associate professor at the University of Brasília (UnB), Brazil. Currently, he is on a three-year leave and has joined Prof. Admela Jukan's group at TUBS. His area of ​​activity is Computer Networks, and his research interests include optical networks and traffic engineering.

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