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The Institute of Transportation and Urban Engineering represents the disciplines of Integrated Transport Planning, Transport Technology and Environmental Protection in research and teaching in the overall context of urban and regional planning.

The rapid increase of traffic in recent decades, especially in road traffic, highlights the great importance of transport for the economy and society on the one hand but also causes considerable environmental problems on the other. The conflicts between spatial planning, transport and the environment have intensified in recent years and are now regarded by the population as one of the most urgent problems. The various interdependencies between space, transport and the environment require integrative treatment of transport in a social, economic and ecological context.

The development of new technologies is also becoming increasingly important in solving traffic problems. Not only improved and more environmentally friendly means of transport, but also modern information and telecommunication technologies are a prerequisite for targeted traffic control and make it possible to effectively influence the demand for transport. We focus our research on the appropriate use of such technologies, their acceptance and their effectiveness, as well as their application within the scope of practical planning tasks in cooperation with other scientific fields.