Flow Modelling and Control


The flow prediction and control workgroup researches and develops tools for flow state estimation and for closed-loop flow control applications. We address key challenges of turbulence control from the inherent nonlinearity of actuation mechanism to noise in experiments.


Scientific Staff Function Project
Dr. R. Semaan, PhD Work Group Leader Flow Modeling and Control
Dr.-Ing. A. Weiner Postdoc FOR 2895
Dr. P. Olivucci Postdoc MacLSD
Alumni Function Project
Y. El Sayed M., MSc. PhD researcher SFB 880
Dr. Benjamin Herrmann Postdoc Bluff Body Control
Fernex, D., M.Sc. PhD Researcher CrossWave
Pohl, J., M.Sc. PhD Researcher Gust Mitigation
Oswald, P., M.Sc. PhD Researcher Truck Force Control
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